T for Tenderness

One often says that a photographer has to “tame” the model. I prefer to say “to love”.
Because it is with a lot of tenderness that the photographer will reach the model, so that he can be at ease and confident in order to make him see the best of himself.

H for History

Photography also writes our own history. And our history is first of all our parents’, our grandparents’, our elders’… They are part of our childhood, of our dearest memories, and we can read on their faces the traces of our past.

Y for Yin and Yang

These two aspects which join and complete each other give our personality all its wealth. This is what I wish to make appear in the portraits I will take of you.

L for launch

You are starting your own business, you are opening up a shop and you would like to make it known to everyone. Whether it is online or with printed media, photography will be ideal to illustrate your communication and convey your corporate image. I work in France and abroad.

A for Announcement

For a birth or a wedding announcement, an invitation, a house-warming party… Think about the picture that will seduce your friends. It can be original, funny, whimsical or informative (to give directions for example) but in any case, it will reflect your vision of the event in the best way possible.

"Nous" because it's us...

Our family, our children, our friends, our pets, the places we like… These pictures will be full of emotions and precious testimonies for yourself and your relatives.

E for….. Enfant

Photography can also be the occasion to reveal the child inside of you and make him be again during a photo-game during which you will be free to let go and have fun. You put on costumes, you pretend to be someone else and you act as if….

B for Baby

Children grow up so fast that we would like to keep the trace of their facial expressions, their smiles, their firs times. Indulge yourself and you will keep for you and your baby a moving testimony of your love.

L for Light

In the region from where I come from, light is omnipresent and, whatever the season, it reveals incredible landscapes. It’s this light which will enhance your wedding pictures, your family reunions, your favourite places…

I for Intensity

You get it: photography is a true passion for me. And above all, it’s this passion that I want to share with you through my shots: passion for picture, passion for a meeting, passion for he human being.

S for Style

The style of a photographer is his signature. Just as a fashion designer. And, as far as fashion is concerned, I have been lucky to meet stylists who taught me a lot. That’s why I’m being attentive to this field in order to remain as close as possible from new trends and thus, give you pictures the character you will be proud of.

S for Serenity

A photo shoot, as I perceive it, must be filled with serenity, collusion, and a peaceful confidence in what is going on, for you know that my only goal is to reveal you without betraying you. I want to make each photo shoot a moment of joy, well-being and pleasure. And that is the “bliss touch”

"We really enjoyed our family photoshoot. The whole process was made so easy for us and We were thrilled with the final portraits particularly the portraits of the children. They have truly transformed our living room and we are so glad we finally did it."


"I was moved to tears when I saw the images, they were simply amazing."


"The most astonishing thing about this amazing girl is that she combines success with modesty and professionalism with courtesy. She is simply a doll. I love her for her humanity and her great sense of humor… she is definitvely going to become a very famous photographer for sure…. "


  Pierre-Anthony Allard – Mes années Harcourt

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I tell all my clients that a photograph is a testimony that will last forever. My goal is to help you find the personal touch to your pictures. I will help you choose the atmosphere of the photo shhot by selecting a black or white background for example (depending on whether you prefer a intimate, classy style or a more fun and punchy one).

And according to this atmosphere, we will select together a decoration item that you’ll be able to keep from generations to generations.

If you want to experience a portrait photo shoot, contact me.